Adultery, Then ... 005 Continued Married Adultery Travel # 186


Full HD [C-2368] Adultery, Then ... 005 Continued Married Adultery Travel # 186

Type: DVD
Release date: 2018/12/07
Duration: 170 minutes
performer: ----
Director: Koichi Takahashi
Series: Adultery, Then & Hellip;
Production: Go Goose
Label: GoGo & rsquo; s Core
Genre: Married woman, housewife affair Japanese clothes, yukata documentary sample videos
Product number: 140c2368
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A married woman met her husband at the age of six at the hotel where she worked as a concierge from Aomori. My wife's hobbies hit the camera and I got married for half a year. However, the difference between the sense of values ​​is remarkable and there are many clashes between the husbands who undertake free jobs and the married women of the service industry who make customer satisfaction the highest. Married woman with a conflict went on a journey ... (Married adult affair travel # 186). "In fact, I have not been home for more than a week ..." The photo of the previous trip is to put the couple's daily life in a bad direction. It is said that a married woman leaves home and sleeps at a hotel, which is a workplace, because she can not bear the harassment and persistent business criticism of her childish husband. In this situation, the future of the couple is in the dark. The married woman contacted the man who had traveled once with the thought of falling in love with her. Men and women who reunited for the first time in three months stay at a lodging with an tacit consent ... it was exchanged.