Asami Nagase, retired from power ? Nagase Asami


SD [AVOP-402] Asami Nagase, retired from power ? Nagase Asami

Type: DVD
Release date: 2019/02/01
Duration: 120 minutes
Performer: Asami Nagase
Supervision: K.C. Takeda
Series: ----
Manufacturer: Max-A
Label: AV OPEN 2018
Genre: Solowork Sample Video AV OPEN 2018 Actress Category
Product number: avop402so
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Censored Chinese Subtitles

Nagase Asami was told by the director to take pictures of retirement suddenly. At first I am going to shoot in doubt. However, as a result of the staff, actors and directors around me continuing to say that it was the last shot, Mami-chan gets in the mood more and more. Because it is the last, it is the feeling that I want to show the best SEX to all of the fans, and the entanglement is the best erotic ever! ! The last was given a bouquet from the staff and weeping! Whether it becomes a feeling that the active actress takes a pre-retirement work will pay attention to the post interview! !