Ririko Rinko Kinoshita in a dignified and sparkling time


Full HD [REBD-464] Ririko Rinko Kinoshita in a dignified and sparkling time

Type: DVD
Release Date: 2020/05/21
Duration: 81 minutes
Star: Rinko Kinoshita
Director: Riki Sawamura
Series: ----
Manufacturer: REbecca
Label: REbecca
Genre: Solowork Idol/Entertainer Image Video Sample Video
Part Number: n_1412rebd464
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The star of this work is Rinko Kinoshita!! It is a beautiful elder sister of the charm that the atmosphere that moist in the plump meat feeling body is attractive! Natural E Cup Big Brings Out Exquisite Color to Height of 165 Cm! ! Rinko talks about her eroticism at 10 stages. It is said that it begins to show a greedy posture to the character when the switch turns on while calm atmosphere. In the scene where the cat potato stimulates her, the switch is finally fully opened and exposes without regret the beautiful... A beautiful woman of a beautiful appearance blessed that can be seen if it is a man expresses dignified, but rich eros! !