Celebrity Girls' School Open Training Imai Natsuho


Full HD [GVH-123] Celebrity Girls' School Open Training Imai Natsuho

Release Date: September 17, 2020
Recording time: 120 mins
Cast: Natsuho Imai
Director: Trindle Tanaka
Series: Celebrity Girls' School Open Training
Maker: Glory Quest
Genre: Humiliation Young Lady, Daughter Schoolgirl Single Work Sample Video
Reference: 13gvh123


"Natsuho" attends a prestigious girls' school where many young ladies are attending. It was always stylish, and gal-style makeup was also decided perfectly. However, because of "Natsuho", the check of school regulations becomes stricter, and not only classmates but also female teachers are made targets of irritation. It starts with a strange face photography, and it has a vinta and a no-pan bucket. It is scribbled all over the body, it is restrained, it is spied, and the ass is licked and stepped on by friends. It continued to receive sexual irritation which escalated fast silently. A change appears in the state of such a "summer sail".