Pretty. /Rika Ami (Blu-ray Disc)


Full HD [MBDD-2046] Pretty. /Rika Ami (Blu-ray Disc)

Release Date: October 16, 2020
Recording time: 130 mins
Cast: Rika Kuwami
Director: ----
Series: Pretty!
Maker: Media Brands
Label: Pretty
Genre: Single Work Idol /Entertainer Image Video Sample Video Blu-ray (Blu-ray)
Part number: n_707mbdd2046b
Average Rating: Reviews


Full full nude label Pretty! The fifth is the beauty BODY of the miracle, Rika Atsumi. A beautiful body line with a beautiful face, a beauty queen blessed by the very goddess of beauty, exposes all of her youthless limbs in front of the camera! Please drown with the ultimate beautiful girl, Rika Ayimi in the daytime dream of psychedelic sensual image that stimulates the cerebrosphalophalus. This product will be BD-R. This is Blu-ray Disc-only software. Please note that it cannot be played only by supported players.