[Limited quantity] Pure Girl/Sato Herea (Blu-ray Disc) with Cheki


Full HD [AIMS-020] [Limited quantity] Pure Girl/Sato Herea (Blu-ray Disc) with Cheki

Release Date: November 20, 2020
Recording time: 93 mins
Performer: Thysa Sato
Director: ----
Series: Pure Girl
Maker: Media Brands
Label: JELLY-Be
Genre: Single Work Idol / Entertainer Image Video Sample Video Blu-ray (Blu-ray) With Benefits - Set Products
Part number: n_707aims020btk
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Newcomer gravure model with somehow bewitching sexiness in cuteness [Sato herea] chan's debut work for the first time! A very ordinary pretty girl challenges gravure DVD for the first time. A bright smile is very dazzling here, and I challenge various poses with a swimsuit that is too cute and sexy. I always take off my swimsuit and go empty-handed. You can not miss the beautiful hips that fascinate with the killing T-back! This product will be BD-R. This is Blu-ray Disc-only software. Please note that it cannot be played only by supported players.