The Scandal of Love/Emi Takayama (Blu-ray Disc)


Full HD [GREDB-1019] The Scandal of Love/Emi Takayama (Blu-ray Disc)

Release Date: October 23, 2020
Recording time: 60 mins
Cast: Emi Takayama
Director: ----
Series: Scandals of Love
Maker: CRANE
Label: ----
Genre: Single Work Idol /Entertainer Image Video Sample Video Blu-ray (Blu-ray)
Part number: n_1445gredb1019
Average Rating: Reviews


"Emi Takayama" is a fresh idol with a shy, pure smile, and her beautiful looks are cute. I put jet spray on the white zone and buttocks of the smooth that I shaved neatly, and I cleaned it with a tank top at the last minute. At the end, she finished her smile with a lotion massage. You worked hard, Emi! Nod, the smile of the beautiful girl is dazzling shining in the sunlight of summer. This product will be BD-R. This is Blu-ray Disc-only software. Please note that it cannot be played only by supported players.