Female Spy Tyrannical Torture Training Institute Far


Full HD [CMC-247] Female Spy Tyrannical Torture Training Institute Far

Release date: 2020/11/19
Length: 110 minutes
Cast: Haruka
Director: Shinichi Kawamura
Series: ----
Maker: CineMagic
Label: collect
Genre: Slender SM Single Work Tied Up And Bondage Torture Sample Video
Reference: cmc247so
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It's not something you can teach and master the talents of an intelligence officer that are "ad-ready under any circumstances." In an old building in Tokyo, the training center secretly established by the government existed. The woman, who volunteered herself for the jet-black world of darkness, chose the codename HARUKA, a path that endured brutal training and dedicated her beautiful body to the nation. The high-ranking officials of any country are only a mass sadist of the security and the race for the race stress. As a honey trapper, all organs in the body are trained as sexual weapons.