Yuki-chan real estate sales 2nd year who loves [part 1]


HD [496SKIV-001] Yuki-chan real estate sales 2nd year who loves [part 1]

Maker: Street Corner Sikoi Nta View
Length: 134min
Reference: 496SKIV-001
Published: 2021/01/13
Label: Street Corner Sikoi Ntaview
Genre: Delivery Only Amateur OL Debut Work Gokkun Single Work


Tokyo Setagaya certain shopping street, real estate sales member 2nd year Gokkun love Yuki-chan [part 1] volume "I drank all the sperm" (1) Profile Yuki, 23 years old. It is the second year of real estate sales. (2) Body data height 155 cm, weight about 48 kg, bra size C cup (3) virginity loss 18 years old (high 3). My older boyfriend, who I was inging with at the time, was nervous at first. But I gradually got used to it and felt good in the 3.4th place. (5) The total number of saddles may be a little high. About 40 people. The other party is him at that time. But I'm about four or five people I'm going out with (laughs). The rest of us played (laughs) (6) I don't have a boyfriend. (7) Is the latest H about half a year ago? That's the boyfriend I was inging with. (8) There are things that are uneven. Do you say that it is a little naughty by one person, I was masturbating by myself (small voice) (9) The frequency of masturbation is about twice a week. Sometimes I use toys, electric powers, etc. (10) Favorite position back. Is it because I feel like I'm being blamed and I feel like I'm being ruled? (11) Do you want me to say that he might say it? I wouldn't tell you other than him. If you say something from yourself, it seems to be thought that it is a pervert. I'd say it when I'm asked. (12) I hate position cowgirl position. It doesn't hurt, but I'm not good at it, so I want to practice. (13) I like. (14) Is the rubber mounting rate about 50%.? (15) Sperm had quite a lot of mouth everywhere. I asked you to put it out in my mouth, and I was drinking all the sperm that was put out. I'm glad that you like it or you're happy. (16) Finally, about half a word, I do not do naughty things without him, so I want to have a little pleasant etch.