【Best Hits】Tutor Kiss of Temptation 【Outlet】


420P [BF-139] 【Best Hits】Tutor Kiss of Temptation 【Outlet】

Release date: 2013/06/23
Length: 120 minutes
Cast: ----
Director: Buten Kyushu Man
Series: Tutoring (BeFree)
Maker: BeFree
Label: Best Hits
Genre: Tutor Cowgirl Facial Shot Sample Video Outlet
Reference: 7bf139
Average rating: See reviews


Mai Chang is a first-year student who currently attends the Department of Foreign Studies at a women's university in Tokyo. Such a mai teacher challenges a tutor temptation class! I was puzzled by the temptation for the first time, and while I failed. Youth document to seduce and etch students! !
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