SSPD-119 White Female Beast Kanako Iioka


Full HD SSPD-119 White Female Beast Kanako Iioka

Release date: 2015/06/07
Length: 100 minutes
Cast: Morisawa Kana (Iioka Kanako)
Director: Seda-o-Kasa
Series: ----
Maker: Attackers
Label: Super Specials
Genre: SM Single Work Tied Up / Bondage Sample Video
Reference: sspd119
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Fascinated by the hidden M-nature of the popular female writer Micchiyo Komiya (Iioka), she directly talked about the manuscript request. Torii was an editor who got the approval of the writing splendidly, but she refused to write at a later date. Indignant Torii was to devise a forceful and indecent plan.