JUX-349 Mother's Friend Eriko Miura


Full HD JUX-349 Mother's Friend Eriko Miura

Release date: 2014/06/25
Length: 120 minutes
Cast: Eriko Miura
Director: Yuji Kawai
Series: Mother's Friend
Maker: Madonna
Label: Madonna
Genre: Shame Mature Woman Married Woman Housewife Affair Big Tits Single Work Digimo Sample Video
Reference: jux349
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One day, takeshi, the son of Naniwa, who comes to stay with his mother's friend and greets him arrogantly, "You're an aunt anyway." However, it was a beautiful mature woman and Eriko of the strange age to have appeared. Moreover, "I'm sorry to just stay", Eriko, who has a teaching license, offered to tutor Takeshi. Her guidance has made her study a little brighter, but her glamorous body doesn't leave her head. Takeshi who saw Eriko who had fallen asleep before one is possible to endure and reached into her crotch unintentionally.