JUX-034 [Best Hits] Kakeoji ○ School Teacher Eriko Miura [Outlet]


HD JUX-034 [Best Hits] Kakeoji ○ School Teacher Eriko Miura [Outlet]

Release date: 2014/10/23
Length: 110 minutes
Cast: Eriko Miura
Director: Rokusaburo Mishima
Series: ----
Maker: Madonna
Label: Best Hits
Genre: Mature Female Teacher Japanese Clothes Yukata Single Work Cowgirl Drama Digimo Sample Video Outlet
Reference: 7jux034
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Eriko Miura, a popular beautiful mature woman, finally appeared for madonna for the first time! ! Erika, who serves as a school teacher, had a student who could not be forgotten for a while. The student's name is Shinji Yamadera. Eriko was looking forward to seeing Shinji, who came to Tokyo 10 years ago, again, even as she gave up. However, the reunion suddenly visits. Shinji's surname was the same name as shinji, the name of the bank robber who had been heard from casual television. And they reunite and start an escape that they can't see ahead.
※ This product is an unopened and unused new product that you can purchase the past work of a popular manufacturer at a reasonable price.