First Shooting Married Woman Document Aoyama Ryoka


Full HD [JRZE-040] First Shooting Married Woman Document Aoyama Ryoka

Release date: 2021/04/08
Length: 115 minutes
Cast: Aoyama Ryoka
Director: Minami Daichi
Series: First Shot Married Woman Document
Maker: Center Village
Label: Juraku
Genre: Mature Woman Married Woman Housewife Documentary Single Work Medium Debut Work Sample Video
Reference: h_086jrze040
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"My favorite position is normal, but what I'm good at is cowgirl position (laughs). Aoyama Ryoka is 46 years old. A family of three: an office worker's husband and a college student's son. It's been 20 years since we got married, but we still have good marital relationships and have sex once a week. However, It is said that Ryoka who has a strong sexual desire is not enough only by it, and is indebted to others stick. It seems that the cheating partner was mostly a thing in the izakaya where the husband went with a female friend to be good that he could not drink alcohol. "Right now, the world can't feel free to drink in this situation, so I can't have an affair. I decided to av appearance without being suppressed because the soul of the deep-rooted skebe aches. "When I feel good having sex, my eyes seem to be having a good time. Charm point is a little eyes and masturbation is every day Please give me a shameful figure by all means! !