HD [TKWA-013] Yu

Maker: Toyowa Video
Length: 60min
Reference: 491TKWA-013
Publish: 2021/04/17
Label: Tonwa Video
Genre: Pies Electric Female College Student Amateur Delivery Only


White big 1000 female college student appearance! It is said that she of living in that 8Oco city which is said to be a school city has been going to Tokyo at the time of the university entrance. I couldn't ask for a specific school name until the end. Excuse me. Boyish hair shape, I wonder if it is alert from clothes, or is it popular now (?) I was thrilled whether it was gender, but I was calm and cute, so I was relieved and forced to take it to the hotel. It was difficult to notice from the clothes, but if you take it off, big tits! Good feeling skin color and big boobs! On the other hand, it feels sexy to wear clothes that can put out more body lines, but the feelings of the girls there may still be lacking in experience.