Mom of a friend who is full of fifty maiko Kashiwagi


HD [AWD-125] Mom of a friend who is full of fifty maiko Kashiwagi

Published: 2021/05/02
Product release date: 2021/05/07
Length: 110 minutes
Cast: Kashiwagi Maiko
Director: Yanoguchi Forward
Series: ----
Maker: Ruby
Genre: Exclusive Delivery Blowjob Incest Big Tits Married Woman Housewife Mature Woman Single Work
Reference: awd00125
Average rating: See reviews


One day, Yukio, who was drunk and was going to rest at her friend's house, witnessed with her sleepy eyes that her friend and her fifty-something mother were indecently intertwined. Yukio who lusts for the appearance which shakes a ripe white, soft, full body, a huge breast and a big butt indecently and drowns in forbidden pleasure tells her feelings to her friend's mother. The 50-year-old mother who was aching the body that ripened and flourished every day also exposed a big breast herself and showed off the thick Oma ○ co and when she wanted the act with Yukio, she drowned in cariculence and went crazy!
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