Father-in-law, please cook me. Chen Mie


HD [KUSE-006] Father-in-law, please cook me. Chen Mie

Published: 2021/02/02
Product release date: 2021/02/11
Length: 120 minutes
Cast: Chen Mie
Director: Chiho Dazai
Series: ----
Maker: SOD Create
Label: Actress's habit is amazing! !
Genre: HI-VISION China Dress Cunnilingus Incest Single Film Drama
Reference: 1kuse00006
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Censored Chinese Subtitles

The label's first habit is born here! Mie (Meifo), a Chinese who works at a Chinese restaurant run by her mother's remarriage partner, dreamed of becoming a full-time cook sooner because she was chased by debt. Every day I endure any trial in order to teach the best of cooking from my father-in-law. Even if it is a physical relationship with my father-in-law.