SNIS-563 Rookie No.1STYLE Takachiho Suzu AV Debut


Full HD SNIS-563 Rookie No.1STYLE Takachiho Suzu AV Debut

Published: 2015/12/03
Product release date: 2015/12/07
Length: 149 mins
Cast: Takachiho Suzu
Director: Crest°C
Series: Rookie No.1 STYLE
Maker: Eswan Number One Style
Label: S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre: HI-VISION Exclusive Distribution Single Work Gili Moza Shaved Slender Beautiful Girl Debut Work
Reference: snis00563
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Modest personality, adult looks, I don't have confidence in myself. When she takes off her clothes, she has a healthy brown body that is thin but firmly tightened. Long legs, beautiful big, blushing but also aggressive sex properly. With extreme tension, the expression is also Gikotinai ... But that overwhelming body can cover everything. It is takachiho suzu, the first and last first work that is noticed while looking at 'it is a gem'.