Mizumitsu Girl 3 4 5 Live Action Rei Kuruki


HD [MUDR-149] Mizumitsu Girl 3 4 5 Live Action Rei Kuruki

Release date: 2021/06/13
Length: 120 minutes
Cast: Rei Kuruki
Director: ----
Series: Mizumitsu Girl
Maker: Immaculate
Label: Immaculate
Genre: Sailor Suit Shaved Single Work Original Collaboration Creampie Digimo Sample Video
Reference: mudr149
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Finally live-action sequel from the legendary doujin magazine [Mizumitsu Girl]! Faithfully reproduce the famous scenes such as shaving scenes, soap mat play, shock out! Imadoki beautiful girl loses the temptation of pleasure and falls into the of kimodeb glasses! Of course, the role of Mika is a hot performance by Rei Kurugi following the last time! The first shaved shaved scene is a must-see!