【VR】Please tell me my erythr zone. Lynan


Full HD [VRKM-320] 【VR】Please tell me my erythr zone. Lynan

Published: 2021/07/30
Product release date: 2021/07/30
Length: 107 mins
Cast: ----
Director: Genius Knee
Series: Tell Me About My Erythr zone
Maker: K.M. Produce
Label: KMPVR
Content Type: 3D
Genre: High Quality VR VR Exclusive Delivery Shame Massage Reflation Creamping Lotion Oil Amateur
Reference: vrkm00320
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Censored VR

"It was a minor change at first, but when I noticed it, the love juice was overflowing from my assoco..." The vibration of pleasure that resonates in the uterus. Everything mixes to create joy as a woman. It starts to tremble in small increments... It is the first step of the evolutionary orgasm that springs from the back of the body.... The ultimate orgasm that felt the potential of the body. Super awakening from a cool body to a body that is too good. "It was an experience that I couldn't have at all."
Massage fan must see! I will awaken the body of the woman to the limit with a slow development esthetic! Supervised by a certain female-only real erythrity development shop boasting the satisfaction of the highest class in massage history! A female-only membership development lab that solves the sexual problems of many women who want to enjoy more pleasure, are not cool, do not feel, sexless.
(1) Lymphatic massage (soles, ankles, calves, thighs, neck, chest, hips, back, buttocks)
(2) Erythrotic massage (ear, collarbone, chest, nipples, side, clitoris, portio, prostate)
(3) Find the true pleasure that the person himself did not know in the flow of the development menu tailored to the customer.
"I don't even know, my erythrity zone... Please tell me..." [50% OFF sale 1st] has ended.
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