First Shooting Married Woman Document Yuna Ibuki


Full HD [JRZE-087] First Shooting Married Woman Document Yuna Ibuki

Publish: 2021/11/25
Release date: 2021/11/25
Length: 120 mins
Cast: Ibuki Yuna
Director: Minami Daechi
Series: First Shot Married Woman Document
Studio: Center Village
Label: Juraku
Genre: 4K Single Work HI-VISION Vaginal Vaginal Beauty Documentary Debut Work Married Housewife Mature Woman
Reference: h_086jrze00087
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Yuna Ibuki is 33 years old. In her fifth year of marriage, she is a mother of one child. Her work is a dance instructor who has a preeminent style that shows the goodness of motor nerves at a glance. Yuna has studied ballet, cheerleading, jazz dance, and other dances since childhood. In fact, the dancers and his husband met through dance. "I didn't think about getting married, but I was discovered pregnant during dating and joined the company," unlike Yuna, who has a stable income as an instructor, artist-oriented husbands often leave their homes for events and local touring. Currently, the couple's activities are continuing at a monthly pace. "Marriage is harder than I imagined ... I wonder what a couple is (laughs)" The stress of childcare, household finances, and marital life led to this appearance. The waist erra wife's freely undating waist errawork is too erotic! !
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