Longing female boss and Satomi Nagasawa


Full HD [MOND-224] Longing female boss and Satomi Nagasawa

Publish: 2021/11/25
Release date: 2021/11/25
Length: 135 mins
Cast: Satomi Nagasawa
Director: Mikishi Misoto
Series: With a Longing Female Boss
Studio: Takara Video
Label: First Broadcast
Genre: 4K HI-VISION Single Work Love Affair Subordinates Female Boss Married Housewife
Reference: 18mond00224
Average rating: View reviews


Mr. Nagasawa, the boss who is missing somewhere, is missing. I liked such a natural place for a long time because it was cute. I was so happy to finally think that I could work in the same department as her. But recently she's not well. I was trying hard to support them with a lack of strength. One day, he went around for work, but it did not end, and he asked for the rest of his work at Mr. Nagasawa's house. He managed to finish and serve me tea. I couldn't stand it and confessed. I Held Her Hand In Trouble And I Forcily Kissed ...
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