Mesgaki Diaper Fairy Kudo Lara


Full HD [ACZD-016] Mesgaki Diaper Fairy Kudo Lara

Publish Date: 2022/01/14
Release date: 2022/01/14
Length: 89 mins
Cast: Kudo Lara
Director: ----
Series: Diaper & Peeing Channel
Studio: Sanwa Shuppan
Label: Abnormal Companies
Genre: HI-VISION Single Work Blowjob Restraint Pissing, Omission Mini-Based Petite Schoolgirl
Reference: h_019aczd00016
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Lara's mom is a world famous ballerina. I've been vacated for more than a month to perform in London. In fact, mom, who is also the world famous SM queen, prepared a cute pet old man for Lara who is away alone. "Mommy kind! But mommy isn't just kind. In the letter from the mom, "Lara-chan must fix the omorashi habit as a wonderful lady soon, and this time the answering machine pet has prepared an old man who loves diapers, so please take care of it a lot and fix the omorashi habit with the old man" And relentlessly harsh words ... Lara and her pet Ogjisan who are innocent but curious about etch. love diapers. Two people put up with diapers and put up with pee, let Ogsan washlet a dirty crotch with peeing, pero the hardened deca mara and let you put out white milk, try to put up with pee while applying an electric massage machine by imitating SM videos . I took a peek at such embarrassing and fancy toilet training answering machine life.