Public torture document livestock OL Kumi


Full HD [ACZD-014] Public torture document livestock OL Kumi

Release date: 2022/01/14
Length: 154 mins
Cast: ----
Director: ----
Series: Mania Club Premium
Studio: Sanwa Shuppan
Label: Abnormal Companies
Genre: Brutality Expression Restraint Humiliation Devil Mini System SM Amateur / Hard System Enema Binding / Bondage
Reference: h_019aczd014
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This work is a training record of true masochist women who applied for training in sm secret circle "Slave Club". The Slave Club was joined by trainer Ranki Kazemi, who has been doing harsh blame with devils that can not be tasted in other SM circles. "Livestock OL Kumi" trained this time is a true masochist woman rented to slave club at the order of the owner's mania man, and although it still has looks that remain innocent, it is an abnormal libido fascinated by the pleasure of cruelty, and it is a real masochist disciplined by the owner as a female livestock. The request from the owner was that "I want you to satisfy Kumi's cruel abiosis with devil folds ● as well as using it as a member's masochist toy and sex processing urinal". The members smiled, teased as their lust went, and made the girl fall into pain and the abyss of Ryo ●. In this work, among the trainings that have been carried out multiple times, it is carefully selected and recorded times that have been subjected to particularly severe blame. Please enjoy the real SM world that can never be seen anywhere else.