Tabiji Mother and Child Travel Yu Kawakami


[SPRD-1498] Tabiji Mother and Child Travel Yu Kawakami

Release date: 2021/12/23
Length: 120 mins
Cast: Kawakami Yu (Morino Shizuku)
Director: Mishima Rokusaburo
Series: Tabiji
Studio: Takara Video
Genre: Mature Woman Mother Married Housewife Incest Single Work Hot Spring Sample Video Trip Spring BIG Sale Vol.1
Reference: 18sprd1498
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Censored Chinese Subtitles

The husband who ran away to sake and was violent when there was unpleasant thing. The son who became withdrawn because of that. I had a hard time defending as a mother. But I was relieved that my husband died in an accident. Yu and I came with my son on a hot spring trip to restore my relationship with my son. Yu soaked in the hot spring alone and wept as she worried about what to do with her relationship with her son. Afterwards, yu slaps the son though it tries to attack Lust Yu when seeing Yu's yukata appearance. That night, Yu was asked by her son to do it again, and said that she could do whatever he understood, and kissed him himself.
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