Woman in the Chastity Belt 28 Iori Nanase


Full HD [RBK-036] Woman in the Chastity Belt 28 Iori Nanase

Release date: 2022/02/01
Length: 110 mins
Cast: Nanase Iori
Director: Yu Asabuki
Series: Woman in the Chastity Belt
Maker: Attackers
Label: Dragon Bond
Genre: Humiliation OL Single Piece Drama Sample Video GW Thanksgiving Day 2022
Reference: rbk036
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Censored Chinese Subtitles

Sakura Hojo is a management consultant who was headhunted by a Japanese planning company from a top American company. ... It is an ostensible story to say. Miyako, general manager of the planning company, pulled out the cherry blossoms to meet the request of hirunuma, a large client. Hirunuma, who slipped into the company as a chore clerk as he drew, used the cherry blossoms as his own and played with them day and night.