Why don't you take a bath with Yu Shinoda Yu


Full HD [VOTAN-005] Why don't you take a bath with Yu Shinoda Yu

Release Date: 2022/06/22
Product Release Date: 2022/06/22
Length: 110 minutes
Cast: Yu Shinoda
Director: Sho Saigo
Series: Would you like to take a bath together
Manufacturer: BOTAN
Label: Botan
Genre: Busty Japanese Clothes, Yukata Affair Sleepover, Bedridden, NTR Drama Standalone Work HDTV SOD Group 30% OFF
Ident Number: 1votan00005
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A subjective thing that can realistically taste the infidelity mood of a married person. The mistress has outstanding color and tech. You will be enveloped in a world of only the two of you, "you" and Yu, who came to the onsen inn by incognito. You can overcome the limits of your patience with moist mating and Yu's entangled fellatio, and finally feel like an M-man kun who will be. "I don't hate the smell of your semen," Yu whispers. A day and a night of over-the-top, serviced, dream-like and intense infidelity!