HD [706BSKJ-001] Kurara-chan

Manufacturer: Armed Kanojo
Duration: 83min
Part Number: 706BSKJ-001
Release Date: 2022/06/21
Label: Armed Kanojo
Genre: Distribution Only Amateur Beautiful Girl Child's Face Gonzo Uniform


【Overview】A first-year student in a brass band who attends a school in Tokyo. You are called to the house of your recently dated boyfriend for the first time. It seemed that her boyfriend had been addicted to Savage lately, and although she ended up having sex with her boyfriend's hobbyist Armor J-Kos, she didn't seem to mind. □ holds up an M870 shotgun, but the gun is too big, and the unbalanced composition is moe. □ small buttocks are unusually attractive, paired well with yellow underwear, and the images of the pants taken from a super low angle are extremely destructive. □ lower body is completely hairless, and you can't see any trace of pubic hair... □ reaction, she seems to like and says she wants to lick her boyfriend's. □ is such a toddler that you can see the spine and ribs, so there is a tremendous sense of immorality when you hold it. □ at the end, he goes by himself. I drank all my sperm without being told. Ehhhh