Mai Waif ~ Celebrity Club 159


Full HD [ARSO-22159] Mai Waif ~ Celebrity Club 159

Release Date: 2022/06/23
Product Release Date: 2022/06/23
Length: 120 minutes
Cast: Terada Buki Ito Sarina
Director: Yellow Leopard
Series: Mai Waifu ~Celebrity Club~
Manufacturer: AROUND
Genre: HDTV Nakaide Beautiful Breast Masturbation Man's Wife / Housewife
Ident Number: h_1378arso22159
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〇 Terada Bui Terada who has just gotten married said that when he was a child, he often saw his parents fighting, and he wanted to build a warm family when he got married. However, she says that she is dissatisfied every day with her husband's casual attitude due to the gap between the ideal and reality. And a little tired of such a life, she visits an infidelity site as if trying to escape reality. 〇 Sarina Ito Although Ms. Ito has just been married, she is already bored with the life of a full-time housewife. The reason why this situation has come to be is that she and her husband are not affectionate, but they are in love with the title of doctor and got married. In fact, she was already a single-mother family and not very wealthy when she could remember, so she wanted to ride the jade boat someday, reassure her mother, and enjoy life herself. There was no stimulus in such a loveless life, and within a year he could not bear it.
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