Maruto! Kaoru Inaba


Full HD [ZMAR-069] Maruto! Kaoru Inaba

Released date: 05 Aug 2022
Length: 240 minutes
Cast: Kaoru Inaba
Director: ----
Series: Maruto!
Manufacturer: Planet Plus
Label: Maruto!
Genre: Big Breasts Pie Pan Single Work Nakade More than 4 hours of work Sample Video Best Actress Summary
Ident Number: h_237zmar069
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In the AV world where many busty actresses are crowded, busty breasts and lollifaces boasting amazing beauty that you will not forget at first glance are attractive Inaba or not. Introducing her charm without exhaustion! In three stories, "Bakugou Theater" approaches her charm of a marshmallow body that is too erotic. Complete recording of two works of "Hadaka Housekeeper" who serves her husband with naked housework and sexual service!