Full HD [230ORECO-138] R138

Manufacturer: My Amateur-Z-
Duration: 97min
Part Number: 230ORECO-138
Release Date: 05 Aug 2022
Product Release Date: DVD Not Released
Label: My Amateur -Z-
Genre: Full High Definition (FHD) Distribution Only Bishōjo School Girl School Girl Uniform Amateur Gonzo Shame and Shame


An adult girl who attends a consistent school in Toyo-ku. Seeing that he was always home alone after school, I called out to him just as he entered a residential area. It's also the first time I've been. It's an awkward response, like a slap in the face, but it's a negotiator. "Do you know what a daddy is?" or "Daddy activity?" ... What...? What is it?" When I am stared at with such straight eyes, it is extra uneven... I thought to myself..."It's quite better than doing a normal part-time job...", "Are you sure?" ... What's going on... www no..." they have a pretty decent conversation, so if you've come this far, it's all over again. "Oh, something's wrong... Do you feel it...?" "No, not really, but... It's a bit of a mess in a place where there are no people at school...", "Ehwww eh... www... What... www" I broke into the school after school without any trouble, and from now on the days of daddy activity in the school will continue. After spending a few days together, the girl looks forward to having a fornication at school on the last day. "There's no one here at this hour..." (grin) If you break into the infirmary at night and say something like that. An innocent body, defenseless to pleasure, easy to develop in a goofy. The best of bringing in young girls~. Especially the girl that Omako was able to develop quickly. As soon as I got my hands on it, I was like, and I could afford to squirt. A young but colorful Echiechi girl. I became addicted to Chi-Po, and when I put it in the oma-ko, it was finished as a completely fallen chi-oma-ko that sucked on the kyunkyun. - Contents 1st time: "Talking to me > breaking into the classroom after school and watching masturbation" I will call out to you when I was walking after school. After that, the two of them broke into the classroom. A smile that makes you feel as if you are having trouble answering or enjoying yourself. "What~... I can't do it in a place like this///" The tone is strangely colorful and weak to push, and it stirs up the libido. I am scared because it seems that people passed by in the middle of masturbation. Oh, it's a blue spring... And. Quite boldly stimulating her, climaxing with chestnut stimulation through the top of her panties. Second time: "oral ejaculation in a private room in the toilet" Is it so easy and cute to talk to because she is a girl whose corners of mouth rise when she usually speaks? Maybe I'll be enjoying it anymore...? I love the way I gasp for breath from adult kisses... When I let out a smirk, my lips twitched in embarrassment. It's cute. There is a scene where you will be surprised when someone comes during a. It's like this, it's irresistible. Any other boys? It's a shame to have a girl suck on it in a private room while it's happening. After serving your mouth healthily, mouth ejaculation. Demon Lipi for sure. Part 3: "Watching Naked in the Library + Wandering Naked" It's fun to do bad things... To be thrilled even though I know it's cool. For example, wandering around naked in a library where people are located... Carefully admire the body before it matures. And I had them experience the last minute whether they could find it or not. Gu Shiko with a gachi. Fourth Session: "Caressing Man Ikase at the Landing of the Staircase" While the students are still in the school, this day also leads to impure acts in the school. I felt a sense of nervousness that someone might come, but the excitement added to the excitement. I'll love you right away with your hands. 5th time: "Break into the club room and lick the nipple and ejaculate with a" The second toilet looks good, but the girl with the long tongue. Why my mouth fetish... I like girls with long tongues and yabai... It's so cool to be by this mouth and tongue with this look already... J○ with a sense of dignity. I ejaculated with my hands as if to show off my vomiting, and I leaned back a little on my shirt. "Yep///It's good///" before ejaculating. I don't like it anymore!! Sixth Round: 'Sex in School' No hesitation in engaging in obscene acts in school, and finally stabs him in the back of the head where he is about to fall. I caressed it beforehand and it was not a no-pan no-bra. If you put in a chi-po, you can get good and this is already a complete fall. Finally, I splashed sperm on my thighs and skirt as well. Maybe your mom and dad will feel it... Session 7: "Infirmary Sex" - Light chatter, talk about love experiences - Ear caresses and ear licking - Kisses, Verokis - Boob caresses over the top of the uniform - Nipple caresses - Pull up the skirt and caress the top of the panties - Massage the - Kunni to the and the, Hand man, Squirting climax - Nipple licking / Standing - Nipple licking in bed Hand koki - Fella paisley in the sleeping system, / normal position insertion, Love Love Sex Rush / Riding Position, Nipple Service / Open Leg Riding Position / Back, Vigorous Piston Disturbance / Sleeping Back, Uterine Cancer Thrust Convulsive Climax / Normal Position Shot Thick Sperm in the Face