【VR】 VR Live Stream Kururugirajio VR Special Edition NO VR NO LIFE! We Can't Live Without VR anymore Aoi Kuraki


Full HD [CRVR-275] 【VR】 VR Live Stream Kururugirajio VR Special Edition NO VR NO LIFE! We Can't Live Without VR anymore Aoi Kuraki

Release Date: 17 Sep 2022
Product Release Date: 2022/09/17
Length: 112 minutes
Cast: Aoi Kuraki
Director: Kurizo
Series: ----
Manufacturer: CRYSTAL VR
Content Type: 3D
Genre: High Quality VR Swimming/School Swimsuit Kiss/Kiss Panchira Denma Masturbation Handjob Blowjob Kunni Six Nine Back Equestrian Position Nakaide Single Work Subjective VR Exclusive Distribution Slender
Ident Number: crvr00275
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Censored VR

[HQ version is 4K + 60fps high image quality VR] A wonderful world created by Aoi Kuraki and VR ... 112 min! That "Kururugirajio VR Special Edition" is back! This time, we started from the scene of the meeting before delivery. From confirmation of delivery contents to consultation and confirmation of kissing position, you can enjoy Aoi Kuraki in everyday clothes. And VR distribution that is fun just by watching begins. Talk while listening to product introductions and viewer requests. And finally, swimsuit masturbation from changing clothes! I'm going to hang out with the viewers. I thought this was the end of it... This time it doesn't end here. After the broadcast, there was no way to unfold! 【STORY】Time is Reiwa.... With the advent of VR, it is said that the number of men who heal their broken hearts in the real world with VR happy images is increasing. Men are relieving their daily stress in the VR world. An era when we can no longer live without VR! And... Technology has advanced, and before you know it, VR live streaming has become possible. We decided to invite Aoi Kuraki to do a test VR live stream... 【Play Contents】 VR delivery preparation scenery, kissing position confirmation, pan show, electric masturbation, swimsuit body appreciation at low angle,, electric ma blame, normal position, back, boob fir from directly underneath, nipple blame, back stakeout riding position, face near riding position, face near normal position, middle out, etc.
Triple HAPPY Campaign 2022! Aoi Kuraki makes a live appearance!