Mai Waif ~ Celebrity Club 162


Full HD [ARSO-22162] Mai Waif ~ Celebrity Club 162

Release Date: 2022/09/22
Product Release Date: 2022/09/22
Length: 191 minutes
Cast: Mikako Igarashi Toshina Yoshise
Director: Yellow Leopard
Series: Mai Waifu ~Celebrity Club~
Manufacturer: AROUND
Genre: HDTV Nakade Busty Busty Face Riding Man Wife / Housewife
Ident Number: h_1378arso22162
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〇Mikako Igarashi "I want to be seen as a woman" Igarashi wrote on an infidelity site. Because she was married by marriage, she gave birth without feeling like a newlywed. And like a husband who is not supportive of raising children, and while the relationship deteriorates due to it, it is far from the happy family that he envisioned. At this rate, she felt asexually lonely just thinking that she was getting older, so she went to the infidelity site as a distraction and started to vent the stress of everyday life. 〇Yoshise Toshina Ms. Yoshise, who has only been married for a year, vowed to become a full-time housewife and serve as a wife. But for her, who used to play with a lot of flamboyance when she was single, life now seems to have been very mundane and boring. Then, one day, when I go to an infidelity site with a broken heart, communication with a stranger becomes fun, and I gradually become immersed in it. And when she loses control, she brings a man into the house and enjoys an affair while her husband is away at work.
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