【FANZA Exclusive】 Secret flaming dating Cape Eina with cheki


Full HD [OAE-223] 【FANZA Exclusive】 Secret flaming dating Cape Eina with cheki

Released date: 28 Sep 2022
Length: 120 minutes
Cast: Anna Cape
Director: Yukiki Kawashima
Series: ----
Manufacturer: Aircontrol
Label: ----
Genre: Single work Image video Sample video with special offer, set product
Model No.: tkoae223
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My girlfriend, who works as a cameraman's assistant, is a popular gravure idol. It is a secret relationship with the staff and of course with the master. Sometimes we work together, and she's always excited because she's approaching me in a way that makes me wonder if it's a fluke or not. We have been together since the morning today. Filming for the night begins. Cape Ina's latest image DVD recorded with the latest ASMR microphone of the secret relationship. ※ Please enjoy with earphones or headphones.
★ Special Feature: Gravure Maker Special Feature