Amateur Girl Lisako (tentative)(1)


[709ENDS-050] Amateur Girl Lisako (tentative)(1)

Studio / Producer: Tangsan
Length: 33min
ID: 709ENDS-050
Released date: 2022/11/21
Label: Aidosan
Genre: Shaved Pussy Bukkake Big Tits Uniform Amateur Delivery Only Full High Definition (FHD)


Lisako of J descent who attends a school in Tokyo. He was enjoying his youth in the basketball club and desperately wanted a new bash, so he did P activities. I haven't had much naughty experience yet and the reaction is very cute. You can tell from the video that they are really embarrassed. There is only a basketball club, and although it is a big breast, there is no useless extravagant meat, and the waist is firm and has an outstanding style! This girl is so! Be careful (laughs)