Full HD [240TOKYO-468] Azusa

Studio / Producer: Tokyo247
Length: 112min
ID: 240TOKYO-468
Delivery start date: 2022/11/22
Release date: DVD not released
Label: TOKYO247
Genre: Streaming Only Amateur Full High Definition (FHD) Lady / Daughter Big Tits Slut Cosplay POV


"Azusa" 30 years old T167 B91-W62-H90 Kobe is a wealthy daughter "Azusa" of Ashiya. His current occupation is "domestic help". A young lady who enjoyed shopping and overseas travel while relaxing at her parents' house and living an elegant girlhood. As for SEX, I knew naughty magazines in elementary ○ 4 and started masturbating in elementary ○ 6, and in junior high school I learned to and masturbated almost every day while fantasizing. After coming to Tokyo for college and enjoying her youth at Fesu Jogakuin, and after returning to Ashiya, she faced a cramped daily life due to bride training, and even if the men she dated were elite, she had sex with her. She was so nervous that her fingertips trembled as she unbuttoned her dress, but her sexually hungry body, which had repeated unbridled sexual experiences, reacted sensitively to caresses against her will, and finally reached the back hole ... To a nasty young lady who surrenders herself to pleasure and sprees over and over again!!。 In the second half, she showed off a mysterious lustful nasty state in the fortune teller cosplay, which is popular now!!。