Full HD [241GAREA-577] Ema

Maker: G-AREA
Length: 100min
ID: 241GAREA-577
Delivery start date: 2022/11/22
Release date: DVD not released
Label: G-AREA
Genre: Streaming Only Amateur Full High Definition (FHD) Beautiful Girl College Girl Neat Restraint POV


"Ema" 21 years old T162 B85 W60 H88 College student When I found it at Pater living in Tokyo and messaged it, there was an immediate rip and I was sure that I would meet up after exchanging several times, and the girlfriend of the other party seems to be imagining daddy katsu ... When I met her, she was a beautiful girl college student with a cute smile with a clean dress and an innocent image, why such a refreshing girl ... I was surprised when I listened to the story!!。 He usually works part-time as a private tutor, and his hobbies are manga and anicos. From what I could see, I thought he was neat and had little male experience. When I asked a naughty question, he said that his first masturbation was in 5th grade, his first experience was in middle 2, and out of 30 experienced boyfriends, 3 boyfriends had increased since he started matching apps after becoming a college student!!。 She doesn't want a boyfriend now, and she is ideal if she has a playmate or dad, and even if it is far from the image, she seems to be humble when she says "I like sex" while being embarrassed. What kind of sex do you like? When I asked, "If you ask me if it's S or M," I thought it was good to be necked by someone who had sex recently ~ and deep throating and spanking were good, so it was an M boom!!。 "When it comes to naughty talk, it becomes chatty," she says, and she is lascivious at heart. "I like men who feel my nipples" and I like the look on the man's face when he is licking his nipples and teasing his, or it seems that he is already in naughty mode, what are your sexual zones? When I asked her, she said, "I like everything ~", "I like, chestnuts, inside, neck, legs and buttocks", "Everything is good ~". Just listening to them makes me excited! It seems that even one person is "very much", and with the person who had sex yesterday, it seems that he applied lotion all over his body and had sex in the mirror, which seems to be good ... He was a curious old man who was interested in various types of sex, and he had a lot of toys, and when he counted them, he had 25 of them, so he searched for new products at Axon, bought them, and used them. At school, she seems to hide her sexual desire and perverted nature, and she gets an erection just by fantasizing about the neat and innocent image in front of her using toys! It seems that the sex you meet for the first time is MAX exciting, and it seems that the second time it will go down or not, and I want to make the person who raises it there my boyfriend ... Extravagant troubles. Repeat customers? When I heard that, it seems that everyone except those who were very bad will be replaced, and the conditions that will let me do it again are that the right rank is good, the will be made forever, the person who has a good hold and will give you various positions, and the person who will blame and receive it, the hurdle is a little high, but as I listened, I started to writhe in agony!!。 She says, "I'm embarrassed because I've never been photographed," but when I flipped up my skirt, looked at my buttocks and front, and stroked the nape of my neck, it switched on and I asked her to wear underwear. As soon as I made her bend forward and stroked her buttocks, she started panting, and when she pulled her shorts together and made it a T-back, a big stain was already oozing, and just by making her sit on a chair and stroke her whole body, she twitched her body, begged for a kiss, and was excited just by the erotic tongue kiss while panting, and her eyes were empty. It is erotic to hold the strong vibration chibi rotor as it is and feel that it makes you masturbate, and the stain on the panties becomes larger, and it is erotic to press the chibiro against the chestnut from the top of the panties and make it grind!!。 When I assist in teasing my nipples, I gasp "haahaa" and thrust my hips and come fiercely!!。 Without pause, I inserted the womanizer into my panties, tied the chair and thighs with tape, and tied my wrists with tape, and felt even more excited by the shame sensation for the first time, and when I brought my to my face, the freedom did not work, and she who likes stared at my in a bare state and climaxed with Ooma while panting. I was about to faint and was about to faint when I was swallowed by the wave of pleasure for the first time, and I took off the womanizer, and without giving her time to take a breath, when I inserted the ooma vibrator, I panted loudly at the pleasure of further stimulation, "It feels good ~", and brought the in front of my face again, and when I put it in a state of open again, she who likes, she managed to move her head that was not free and managed to lick it with the tip of her tongue, When I brought my to my mouth as a reward, I happily twitched my body and sought a, but an intense pleasure penetrated my body and climaxed. While being swallowed by the whirlpool of pleasure again, I instinctively sought and sucked my, and once again, my whole body was stimulated by waves of pleasure, and my body twitched and I came violently!!。 The stimulation of the first experience produced too much dopamine in the brain, and reason was on the verge of collapse and I couldn't understand why or not, so I thought I was on the verge of the limit, and when I tried to remove the ooma vibrator, when I couldn't get it out due to the man pressure, more pleasure filled her and she panted "It feels good ~", but the man pressure was too strong and the ooma vibrator came out, so when I inserted my instead, I called "It feels good ~" and panted haahaa. I'm going to ~ I'm going to," and I arched my body from the chair and came fiercely!!。 Since I was in a state of debauchery, I removed the tape, supported my arms with a chair, and when I inserted it in the back, I screamed and called "It feels good ~" and climaxed. Is "Feels good ~" a habit of saying when having sex ... After that, I entered the zone while thrusting my into her girlfriend who has a strong libido and loves sex, and I am immersed in pleasure in seeking a meat stick with all my heart, and I am a must-see of the demented state of rolling up and dancing in a frenzy over and over again. I thought I was going to finish by firing it, but I was asked to enter the third round!!。 There is a removal gokkun video that can be watched as a bonus video.