AV actress I'm doing my best Rima Kawahara


Full HD [718FZR-003] AV actress I'm doing my best Rima Kawahara

Cast: Rima Kawahara
Studio / Producer: TOP Runner
Length: 150min
ID: 718FZR-003
Delivered from 2022/11/23
Series: AV actress is doing its best
Label: AV actress
Genre: Full High Definition (FHD) Exclusive Distribution Distribution Only Single Work Beautiful Girl POV Documentary


Natural beautiful girl maker "Top Runner" 2022 ... A new manufacturer that has been activated, its name is also a top runner! It is a completely new style document-seeking manufacturer that breaks the conventional wisdom of the AV industry. Until now, there has never been a work centered on interviews that pursues the true face of the actress herself to such an extent. This time, please take your time to enjoy the true face of "Rima Kawahara". In the interview, Kawahara-chan talks a lot about herself. And two erotic shots! The raw expression that is very disturbed while having fun is also attractive.