【FANZA Limited】Temptation Bijiri Sensei Amiri Saito with Cheki


Full HD [GVH-521] 【FANZA Limited】Temptation Bijiri Sensei Amiri Saito with Cheki

Release Date: 2023/03/22
Length: 170min
Cast: Amiri Saito
Director: Yukio Haruka
Studio / Producer: Glory Quest
Genre: Female Teacher Slut Ass Fetish Solowork Creampie 3P / 4P Sample Video With Bonus / Set Product
ID: tkgvh521
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The homeroom teacher, Amiri-sensei, is a former gal with the strongest face (extremely high facial deviation value), outstanding style, and no wonder the students are seduced by the pretty-ass peeking out of the tight skirt. Did you really become a teacher because you enjoyed seducing students? Ms. Amiri seduces her students with her proud "beautiful butt" and makes them think. The reward erotic after being impatient to the point of explosion is irresistible! Amiri-sensei's after-school sex slave ● Special class.