Tying up Aya Shiomi


Full HD [GTJ-115] Tying up Aya Shiomi

Release Date: 2023/03/21
Length: 131min
Cast: Aya Shiomi
Director: TOHJIRO
Studio / Producer: Dogma
Label: Gold TOHJIRO Label
Genre: SM Outdoor / Exposure Solowork Bondage / bondage Torture Sample video
ID: GTJ115
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Entering the second year of Aya Shiomi's exclusive work. The first shoot was a gachinko SM with Akira Naka, the first Japan binding master blame rope. I rented a Japan mansion with a lavish garden in the countryside. Even though it was sunny with a cold snap on this day, the temperature outside was 2°C. Bondage in the open air begins. Aya, who was now half-naked, was hung under the eaves of the roof. Waterboard several cups in a wooden tub and drive a number of powerful rose whips! Make your body jerk in the air, and Aya Ascension. In the Japan, when the white sleeves are removed and the rope begins to hang out, the colorful erotic aura overflows. In Naka's rope world, the erotic colors melt away. When hung upside down, tied around the belly, and tightened, it is crazy and mass incontinence. Rain of runs down Aya's long black hair! I definitely want you to see the erotic, tense bondage world of two people!