Last Yumika Saiki retires today.


[HMGL-193] Last Yumika Saiki retires today.

Release Date: 2023/03/25
Length: 150min
Cast: Yumika Saeki
Director: Company Matsuo
Studio / Producer: HMJM
Label: Glamour
Genre: Mature Woman Leg Fetish Solowork Nasty / Hard Deep Throat Sample Video M Woman
ID: h_172hmgl193
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Yumika (formerly Emika), who has appeared in a total of five Hama Jim productions since 2013, has decided to retire from AV. The activity began when she was 20 years old and spanned several decades. From a nameless hardcore actress to a real married woman through pregnancy and childbirth, to a runaway perverted woman, she continued to evolve. And in this work, Yumika herself brought in a story about her retirement, and she vividly talked about the reason why she quit AV, saying, "I am like an AV actress, and I want to put it in AV instead of announcing it on SNS." If you look at the main story, above all, this work reflects her own pride as Yumika Saeki at one time, sometimes under the alias Naniga, and at other times as an unnamed planning actress. "I can only communicate through sex," her last dance. Thank you and goodbye. In 2022, when the new AV law ushered in a new era, she quit AV.