Full HD [REBD-732] Chiharu

Release Date: 2023/03/16
Length: 79min
Cast: Chiharu Mitsuba
Director: Two Seven
Studio / Producer: REbecca
Label: REbecca
Genre: AV Actress Big Tits Tall Solowork Image Video Sample Video
ID: h_346rebd732
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This work stars Chiharu Mitsuba! !! Gentle Smile is a photogenic beauty with beautiful big breasts with beautiful slender limbs that are friendly! !! The charm point is the mole on the chin and the accent that colors the well-formed face is cute. In fact, she has a long history of performing arts and is also active as an idol and model, so she is highly aware of being seen. It was full of pheromones and had a great harvest of images, and the staff later said, "Even if the camera was not rolling, she was a very erotic older sister with great sex appeal!!" Even in the interview, there is a special skill that can guess a certain thing of a man, but it is fun to watch this work. Bright, cheerful, cute and beautiful, Chiharu-chan, I will smile and make you feel happy today! !!