Yu3 Sister of the nation Yu Shinoda


Full HD [REBD-730] Yu3 Sister of the nation Yu Shinoda

Release Date: 2023/03/16
Length: 68min
Cast: Yu Shinoda
Director: Etsuya Nagaoka
Series: Yu (Yu Shinoda)
Studio / Producer: REbecca
Label: REbecca
Genre: Beautiful Tits JAV Actress Solowork Image Video Sample Video
ID: h_346rebd730
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This work stars Yu-chan Shinoda! !! She is a bewitching beauty with big moist eyes, F cup beauty big breasts, refreshing and full of color! !! Even in this shoot, he generously exposes a wonderful figure to the camera centered on his plump and beautifully trimmed limbs! !! Yu-chan, a veteran with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, used to be a nervous type, but now she can handle any site. He laughs it off, saying, "The originality has disappeared because of that," but it's amazing because no matter how long you continue to appear in your work, the fountain of charm will continue to spring up forever. For some reason, men are conscious of it, and the unique atmosphere that only she has can be firmly felt in this work. A beautiful older sister and a cute sister, the national sister who is loved by everyone shines dazzlingly today! !!
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