【4K】4K Revolution Dere cute, but ... Stop. Kozue Fujita


[CSPL-014] 【4K】4K Revolution Dere cute, but ... Stop. Kozue Fujita

Delivery start date: 2023/03/18
Product release date: 2023/03/18
Length: 89min
Cast: Kozue Fujita
Series: 4K Revolution
Studio / Producer: Crystal Video
Label: CosDeluxe Plus
Genre: Masturbation Solowork 4K HDTV Beautiful Girl Sailor Suit Kiss / Kiss Cunnilingus Fingering Blowjob Handjob Squirting Back Creampie Electric vibrator Exclusive distribution
ID: CSPL00014
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[Ultra high quality 4K video] Kozue Fujita's pure white whip body is full of hugs! Ultra-high-quality 4K video that conveys the beauty of the skin wonderfully! 【STORY】Kozue is a female student who loves her tutor. I like it so much that I approach the teacher just to study, but the handsome teacher is used to such things, so I dodge it and encourage Kozue-chan to study. However, Kozue-chan rebels against such a teacher's mote attitude in child mode with cuteness as a weapon, saying, "If you don't kiss me, I won't study!" The stunned teacher said, "I can't help it... Today is special," she kissed gently. "Let's study naughty sometimes," he kissed again. Kozue-chan was completely embarrassed by the gentle kiss and cute attack of praise. I was blushing and chewing on happiness while rolling up ... * As a bonus, electric vibrator masturbation is also included. 【Play contents】High-quality image, study scene, kiss, check,, fingering,, nipple blame, cowgirl, back cowgirl, back, missionary position, face-to-face sitting position, squirting tide / vaginal shot, electric vibrator masturbation, etc.