Thick bad breath nose licking lesbian


[EVIS-462] Thick bad breath nose licking lesbian

Release Date: 2023/04/04
Length: 126min
Cast: Yume Mizuki Mion Hazuki Saki Yokoo Kaede Tachibana Yua Nanami Sumire Seto Yuai Hidaka Tomoka Akari Koyuki Amano Nanako Shirasaki ▼Show all
Maker: Ebisu / Mousouzoku
Label: Ebisu / Mousouzoku
Genre: Older Sister Other Fetish Lesbian Kiss Lesbian Kiss Sample Video Delusion Tribe
Product Code: evis462
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A lesbian who smells strong bad breath when she wakes up and sucks her nose and gets. In the morning, Mione woke up to find Yume, a senior at the company, sleeping. Mione, who doesn't know what happened, closes her eyes once more, and this time Yume wakes up and tries to kiss Mione. Mione pretends to be asleep, but Yume's bad breath smells so bad that she wakes up. Two people fall into a trance while smelling strong bad breath.