Kou Imayoshi 3


[292MY-685] Kou Imayoshi 3

Studio / Producer: Mai Wife
Length: 38min
ID: 292MY-685
Delivery start date: 2023/05/24
Release date: DVD not released
Label: Mai Wife
Genre: Streaming Only Amateur Married Woman Adultery


At the invitation of Ms. Imayoshi, who appeared before, I visited the villa owned by her. Apparently, the work in which she appeared was revealed to her husband and she was prepared for a shambles, but on the contrary, she was moved by the appearance of her beautiful wife. In addition, her husband suggested that she appear again. In such a situation, Mr. Imayoshi seemed relaxed and drank alcohol from the daytime to create a good time. In order to meet her feelings and her husband's expectations, I offered her more obscene and intense sex than ever!