First time shooting married woman, again. Kaoru Teranishi


[JURA-66] First time shooting married woman, again. Kaoru Teranishi

Release Date: 2023/05/25
Length: 125min
Cast: Kaoru Teranishi
Director: Minatoya
Series: First shot married woman, again.
Studio / Producer: Center Village
Label: Juraku
Genre: Mature Woman Wife / Housewife Documentary Solowork Creampie 3P / 4P Sample Video
ID: h_086jura66
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It has been a month since the first photo shoot that showed the gap between a friendly smile and a liking constitution that comes immediately in one second of penetration. At that time, Kaoru knew that there was more pleasure after cumming once, and since then she has been replaying the shooting experience in her brain every day. What sprang up in the process was the desire to be on that stage again. Beyond the pleasure you know. Please see Kaoru's glossy appearance as she dives into her first experience of play and evolves further.