Uniform Girls' Bus (TYD-004)


[TYD-004] Uniform Girls' Bus (TYD-004)

Delivery start date: 2023/05/26
Product release date: 2023/06/02
Length: 118min
Cast: Himari Ayase Miho Tomii Kokomi Hoshinaka Mana Nagase Rui Minagawa Miina Konno Haruna Yoshizawa Hapimaru Honami Akagi A Starry Sky ▼Show All
Director: Senichikyu
Series: Uniform Girls Crazy ● Bus
Studio / Producer: Dream Ticket
Genre: High-Definition 4K 3P / 4P Titty Fucking Kiss / Kiss Uniform Harem Slut Schoolgirl
ID: 24tyd00004
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Morning commute time. As usual, a middle-aged salaryman who works as a company animal was heading to the office in a melancholy mood rocked by a bus crowded with old men filled with the smell of aging. "If only these guys were all girls..." Suddenly, I remembered the events of the other day. A suspicious drugstore found by chance in a back alley. I bought it out of curiosity as a 'drug that embodies delusions'. "That's why..." The man throws one tablet into the mouth ... Before I knew it, the inside of the bus was not filled with old men, but girls in capitapi uniforms. "Is it the effect of the drug..." The girl next to her smiling at a suspicious man. Unable to restrain her reason, she reaches for her skirt. "Touch me more," the girl said, but the girls around her looked at the guy all at once and said, "Me too." The man is convinced. This drug really makes delusions come true... And. When a man out of the tag sees a girl in uniform on the street, he puts into action what he had fantasized about in his head. Buried in the girls, entangled in antelope-like legs, her ass is cheeked, her face is pressed against her cleavage, and her is rubbed in all directions. This is the harem of female students. There is no greater joy in this world. Is this really the case?