Gal fitting sex toy training Mio Asahina


[NKD-304] Gal fitting sex toy training Mio Asahina

Release Date: 2023/06/06
Length: 130min
Cast: Mio Asahina
Maker: Nakajima Kogyo
Label: Nakajima Kogyo
Genre: Gal SM Solowork Nasty / Hard Sample Video M Woman
ID: nkd304
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Happy gal actress Mio Asahina is invited to Nakajima Kogyo. In the first half, he caught her off guard with flirting caresses and blame shows, and shifted to the training corner from the middle. The restrained gal subjugates her with a vibrator and strong ● crispy drinking, and in the second half, she is thoroughly trained with kinky reggae dance and floor irama. In the end, I let her serve as a sex toy.