Asuna6 Happy honeymoon・川合あすな


Full HD [REBD-793] Asuna6 Happy honeymoon・川合あすな

Release Date: 2023/11/16
Length: 76 min(s)
Cast: Asuna Kawai
Director: Zach Arai
Series: Asuna
Studio / Producer: REbecca
Label: REbecca
Genres: Porn Actress Big Tits Featured Actress Sexy Image Video Sample Video
Model No.: h_346rebd793
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The star of this work is Asuna Kawai aka Asunyan! - She is a natural huge breasts beauty who is loved with H cup god milk and a soft smile! Since it was the first time in about two years that he was appointed, the camera crew was serious about setting up a location shooting on a certain island in the tropical country of Okinawa. - Asunyan, whose head is blank with nude images for the first time in a long time, handles shooting with her own brightness and charm. Dressed in colorful costumes on an island of primary colors, she whispers in a sweet voice and shows off her charming appearance. In the interview, Yui Hatano, a senior at the same office, makes a friendship appearance, and you can enjoy the interaction between the two like a comic talent. Let's enjoy a cute smile, big big breasts, and a happy honeymoon with Asunyan!